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About Us

Sugar candy is a serene and friendly place for your little girls. It embodies a world of beauty and elegance. It's was founded in 2006 . At sugar candy girls can enjoy the experience of getting magical clothes created for them. We use the best materials available along with our talented staff to create amazing dresses for your kids. In addition to the clothes we have on display, we also cater to your princess's exact wishes. Hence we create dresses based exactly on what you want. We are passionate about making absolutely beautiful and comfortable clothes which our customers would become more fond of every time they wear them. We are setting long lasting standards of taste and luxury by being faithful to our identity: "LOVE & LUXURY We make our exquisitely crafted clothes more versatile by creating them to have the ability to grow with your kids so that they can cherish their favourite clothes for a longer time. We believe that your little stars deserve the best which is why we give them the best.